A Little Update

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the new DF95 class rules. Some of you eagle eyed guys and gals did point out a couple of omissions so we have published a new Version 1.1 which are available on the DF95 Rules page and replace the V1.0 rules.

They are only small changes, a definition of ‘the Builder’ in Section A and an addition to Rule H.9 Sail Numbering to make it clear that sail numbers and letters can be applied with ink or self-adhesive materials.

We have also now added the sail numbering templates and spacing guides to the documents, drawings and templates page. Everything should be easy enough to find.

You wanted some rules?


Well here they are, after some late nights and some long days and many cups of tea the rules have been written and pictures have been drawn!

Click on the DF95 heading and you’ll find a drop down menu with details of the rules and all the supporting documents. The sail numbering templates are due very soon but there is enough for you to be getting on with.



Hi folks, so here it is, the long awaited DF Racing World website. Its one of those sites that hopefully you’ll find useful. It will contain lots of useful info on the DF Family of Radio Sailing Yachts and will act as the worldwide information hub for skippers who want to know about what’s going on all around the world.

Take a couple of minutes to look round the site and if you have any events you’d like publicised, any pictures you’d like put up then please get in touch and we’ll help out.

Over the next weeks and months the site will be populated with information about the yachts, events and results from all over the world, but for now please bear with us and enjoy what’s already here!

See you pondside soon.

DF95 West Lancs