DF95 Boom Drawings & Mast Lengths

Here you will find the drawings that show each boom including the layout of fittings, cut tube lengths and also the mast lengths for each rig.

For details of the new style boom kits and how to put them together please click the link which will take you to the UK DF Racing website where you’ll find all the details. Clicky here to take a look.

When I get a minute I will migrate all the originals to this page.

Please find below the details for the old style DF95 booms.

DF95 A rig Mast & Boom Drawing – A Rig Mast & Boom Dimensions

DF95 B rig Mast & Boom Drawing – B Rig Mast & Boom Dimensions

DF95 C rig Mast & Boom Drawing – C Rig Mast & Boom Dimensions

DF95 D rig Mast & Boom Drawing – D Rig Mast & Boom Dimensions