Formation of the International DF Class Association

The Working Group has now finalised the Constitution and Regulations after considerable consultation, editing, checking and discussion. The Group received invaluable assistance from over 12 regions and from key contributors with extensive experience in these matters. We would specifically like to acknowledge and thank Bob Lewis (Canada), Gary Boell and Steve Landau (USA) for their guidance and wise counsel.

There has been universal agreement with the final document, so we are ready to move to the next phase.

1) You can view the documents (links above), and any further feedback would be appreciated.

2) Through April, we will be calling for nominations for Nations to apply for World Council membership. Please discuss your country’s nomination within your association, radio sailing national authority, group or fleet in preparation for our request. Each country will be required to sign a Membership Agreement, and can formally express membership interest via this application form.

3) In May, we’ll be formalising Membership Agreements with all Nations that have applied, and will be calling for nominations for office bearers.

4) The inaugural World Council meeting will be scheduled around the first week of June to formally elect all positions, and accept the Constitution and Regulations.

To conduct the first meeting when elections will be held, the Working Group has appointed an interim committee to act in the designated roles. The temporary appointees are:

  • Acting Chairman – Phil Burgess (AUS)
  • Acting Vice Chairman – Chris Dance (AUS)
  • Acting Secretary – Russ Gardner (USA)
  • Acting Treasurer – Wayne Stobbs (GBR)
  • Licensed Builders’ Representative – John Tushingham (GBR)

In addition, the acting Rules Sub-committee will comprise John Tushingham and Chris Dance. Further subcommittee members will be appointed by the newly elected World Council to assist with International Regattas.

The Working Group are excited about the next phase and are looking forward to all Nations having a voice in how the association evolves to supports the DF65 and DF95 moving forward.