DF95 Rules Documents, Drawings & Templates

Here you will find all the relevant documents, drawings and templates that you need to make your own sails, logo them up and number them. Each document opens as a PDF. There are a lot of documents on this page but we hope you’ll be able to find what you need with relative ease!

A Rig Templates

A Rig foot templates – DF95 A Rig Sail Foot Templates

A Rig Jib template – DF95 A Rig Jib Template

A Rig Mainsail template – DF95 A Rig Mainsail Template

B Rig Templates

B Rig foot templates – DF95 B Rig Sail Foot Templates

B Rig Jib template – DF95 B Rig Jib Template

B Rig Mainsail template – DF95 B Rig Mainsail Template

C Rig Templates

C Rig foot templates –DF95 C Rig Sail Foot Templates

C Rig Jib template – DF95 C Rig Jib Template

C Rig Mainsail template – DF95 C Rig Mainsail Template

D Rig Templates

D Rig foot templates – DF95 D Rig Sail Foot Templates

D Rig Jib template – DF95 D Rig Jib Template

D Rig Mainsail template – DF95 D Rig Mainsail Template

Class Logo Template

DF95 Class logo template – DF95 Sail Logo 70mm

DF95 Sail Numbering Guides

The documents below give details of suggested sail number position and spacing and give details of three, two and single digit numbering for each rig.

A Rig Number Spacing Guide – DF95 A Rig Sail Number Spacing Guide

B Rig Number Spacing Guide – DF95 B Rig Sail Number Spacing Guide

C Rig Number Spacing Guide – DF95 C Rig Sail Number Spacing Guide

D Rig Number Spacing Guide – DF95 D Rig Sail Number Spacing Guide

DF95 Sail Number Templates

A&B Rig Number Templates – DF95 A&B Rig Sail Number Templates

C&D Rig Number Templates – DF95 C&D Rig Sail Number Templates

National Letters

National Letter Templates – National Lettering Templates (40mm)

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