On this page you will find lots of useful information about the DF65, from kit supplied rigging instructions to sail tuning guides and everything in between.

DF65 Rigging Instructions  – As you get in the box with your shiny new boat – DF65 Rigging Instructions

DF65 Restricted Class Rules – Make sure your boat is legal by following these rules – DragonForce 65 Restricted Class Rules v1.7 (2)

DF65 Class Rules with explanations of changes – DragonForce 65 Rules v1.7 (showing changes explanations)

DF65 Rig Building Guide – Written so you can build those extra rigs right first time – DF65 Rig Kit Manual

DF65 Tuning Guide – How to set your DF65 up for a good basic tune that works – DF65 Tuning Manual

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