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DF95 in Victoria.

Here is a Notice of Race for a one day event in Victoria.



 Patterson Lakes Radio Model Yacht Club


2016 Victorian DF95 CUP



Date:  Saturday 29th October 2016

Registration;       8.30- 9.30

Briefing;                9.45

Commence racing; 10.00

End of racing         16.15

Presentation of trophies:   16.30

Lunch break will be taken at the discretion of the PRO.


The regatta will be conducted by the Patterson Lakes Radio Model Yacht Club (PLRMYC) at the National Watersports Centre (Riverend Road, Bangholme – Melways 97 K2)


The Regatta is organized under the overall authority of the Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) and conducted by the Patterson Lakes Radio Model Yacht Club (PLRMYC) and it’s duly appointed Race Committee.RULES

The regatta will be governed by The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013 – 2016 (RRS) as changed by Appendix E of the RRS – Radio Controlled Boat Racing Rules, as amended by the Sailing Instruction, this Notice of Race (NOR). The Sailing Instructions shall prevail in the event of conflict with this Notice of Race.

To help ensure that we have a great fun and casual event and most importantly to encourage participation of all ages and levels of sailors, the following Modified Rules for this regatta include;

  1. Hitting of marks is allowed, provided the yacht rounds on the correct side of the mark.
  2. Minor unintentional touches are allowed provided the boats are sailing on the same tack, no boat is significantly disadvantaged and boats are sailing in the same direction. This shall be monitored by the PRO and maybe discontinued, if abused.
  3. No raised voices in anger, this shall be monitored by the PRO and result in one or more competitors required to complete a 720 turn, as directed by the PRO or be scored DSQ for that race. All penalties / infringements to be addressed on the water.  The PRO’s direction and discretion is final


The competition is open to financial members of ARYA (Inc) affiliated clubs and to members of a recognized Division Member of the International Sailing Federation-Radio Sailing Division.


Boats must comply and may be measured where practical with DF95 International Class Rules.

To qualify as a DF95 you will need …

  • Rigs being compliant with the one design class rules and non-panelled sails.
  • All boats must have a registered sail number. If any double up of sail numbers occurs, then the non-registered boat shall need to alter the sail number to suit.
  • Original factory supplied hull, fin, bulb and rudder. No filler around the keel fin box or hull modifications.
  • Minor modifications for reliability and strength are acceptable, if completed in the spirit of one design racing and don’t provide an unfair speed advantage. Final decision by the PRO


Anything goes.  You’re welcome to put any advertising you want on your boat or sails, unless deemed offensive to the PRO.


The current Heat Management system (HMS 2016) approved by the ISAF-RSD will be used.

Depending on the number of entries (more than 21 entries), the fleet maybe split into separate fleets / starts, if need be.


The Race Committee may direct that all boats entered in the event be check-measured or alternatively randomly select a number of boats for check measurement, as directed by the PRO.  Sail numbers must be clearly shown and visible on both sides of the sails.



Permitted frequency bands are 27, 29, 36, 40 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz.


Entries shall be accepted on the day.  An entry form will be provided and shall be completed and signed by each competitor during registration on the day, prior racing.


PLEASE as a courtesy and to help PLRMYC to cater / plan for the event, if you intend on sailing the regatta email to advise your Sail # and Name and that you intend to sail AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR.  If for some reason you can’t make it no problem, where just trying to get a feel for overall numbers.


Entries will not be accepted unless you are a financial member of a recognized AYRA sailing club at the close of entries, which has the relevant insurance cover required to race.  (You will be able to join PLRMYC on the day of the event, if you aren’t already financial member, annual membership is $35 Senior / $15 Junior under 18)  The entry fee of $15.00 to be paid at registration on the day of racing / if your not currently a member of a RC Sailing you will need to join a club prior or at the event.  If you join PLRMYC on the day for $35, entry to this event shall be included.  A light lunch and cold drinks will be provided.  Please bring the correct money (Cash Only), if possible.



Trophies will be provided depending on number of entries.



All those entering or taking part in this cup, do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA), the Patterson Lakes Radio Model Yacht Club (PLRMYC) and it’s duly appointed Race Committee and any other parties involved in the organization of this event disclaim:

Any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods, both ashore and on the water as a consequence of entering or participating in the Regatta covered by this Notice of Race.  At all times the responsibility for the safety of their boat and themselves plus the decision to participate or continue must rest with the competitors.


By entering the event it is deemed that you accept these conditions.



Inquiries should be directed to:  Tony Smith, Phone:  0417 303 208 or Email:

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