Df65 Class contacts and news.

The DF65 has now been sailed throughout Australia for the past three years. A group of keen sailors have got together to help promote its growth as a racing class and as an introduction to the world of radio controlled sailing.

An email address has been set up for any Dragon Force 65 owner wishing to get a sail number  and who does  not have access to the yahoo group site.


Kyle will maintain the data base on both sites. At some stage in the future the membership page will migrate to a dedicate Dragon Racing web page. Until then both methods of registration will be available. Just send him an email, provide details of where you sail, the club or group you sail with and on what days. You may request a specific number between 1 and 999 . Kyle will confirm if it is available and if not will allocate you the next available.

We have seen in both the US and in the UK that the DF65 has separated from the RG65 Class and formed their own Associations and numbering systems. It is the aim of this group to do the same but this may be a while. This will remove any confusion from owners. A new logo will also start to be used on sails to identify the class. There will be no requirement to change your current logo.

The follow owners had agreed to act as a contact person for information on the class, clubs where sailed and general information requested by owners. Australia is a very big place so if you are in an area where you would like to support the establishment of the great little class just drop us a line.

WA                  Daniel Winton.                        perthrcsailing@outlook.com

Qld                  Charmaine White                   df65qld@gmail.com

Vic                   John Toner                              aus3488@yahoo.com.au

Tas                   Kyle Stewart                            kylet@iprimus.com.au

NSW                Paul Martin                             pbob22@gmail.com

SA                    Any takers

NT                    Any takers

We are currently establishing a list of clubs where the DF65 is sailed. We know of the following, but there are more out there.

 Western Australia

 Wanderers RC Sailing Club and Albany Radio Sailing Club


Paradise RC Yacht Club, Logan City Model Mariners,   Springfield Lakes RYC   and Brisbane Radio Yacht Club.


Patterson Lakes RC Sailing Club, Albert Park MYC, Lilydale Lake and   Bendigo


North West Radio Yacht Club., Lauderdale Canal, Tasmania Radio Yacht Club and Risdon Brook Radio Yacht Club

 New South Wales

Hubertus Country Club, Wollongong Model Yacht Club, Kogarah Bay Sailing Club.

If you are a club or group that would like to be listed to help promote your events and activities or invite new members, you can contact us on the following email address.


A brief description of your club name, location, sailing days and contact person will be included in a club register.  If we can develop a profile of each club including photos we will post it on our club page. Again send any information to the above address.


Currently there are no planned events for this year other than club or social racing .  At Easter 2017 the North West Radio Yacht Club, in Tasmania will be running a National Event, in Launceston. It will be run over a two day period, Sat and Sun of the Easter weekend. There will be activities on both the Friday and Monday for those who will be staying for the whole weekend. A detailed schedule of events will be produced by NWRYC in the coming weeks. So start booking cheap flights to Tasmania now. It is on and it will happen.Best place to fly into is Launceston.

For those flying down, I will be driving down so if any owner would like me to bring their boat and rigs down let me know. There is only so much room in the back of my Ute.

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