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Rig changing tips

Many of you will have both an “A” and a “B” rig, some may have more. In recent weeks I have found that changing rigs when rushed can become very frustrating so I have come up with some changes on how the boat is rigged, all within the rules.

Firstly attach a 10cm tail to the jib boom hold down line. Smear some super glue over the floating end. I use a bow line knot to attach it to the line. Use the tail to feed the loop through the two forward deck eyes and over the hook eye.After it is attached move the tail to the side.

The clip supplied for the main and jib attachment can be fiddly to close. I have replaced this with a  line link available through any fishing tackle supplier. They are available in s/s which will prevent staining over time. I have also attached one on the back stay for the same reason.

So changing rigs is made easier. This applies to both the 65 and the 95.

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