Skipper Interview No.3

Which of the three is our DF skipper interviewee?

So, we are into 2022 with plenty to look forward to in terms of racing as the year goes on. However, it might be that where you are in the world the water is a little bit hard and the days are short meaning there isn’t much sailing to be done.

So, we sent out Phil once again to track down a top skipper from the DF fleet to see what makes him tick. This time our top skipper is a giant of the big boat sailing world and has recently taken up some hobby sailing which takes the form of a DF95.

Phil says – “Ed Baird’s sailing CV is too long to list here. Suffice to say he is a legend in the sport and sails his DF95 for family fun and match racing practice. He was a coach of the 1995 America’s Cup-winning Team New Zealand and a helmsman for the 2007 America’s Cup-winning Alinghi syndicate.  He won the World Laser Championships in 1980, the World J/24 Championships in 1983 and was World Sailor of the Year in 2007.

Check out the interview with the legend that is Ed Baird by clicking here.

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