Questions on Sails

What Sails can I use

At a recent club day the question of what sails can be used in a DF65 Class race was raised. Well that got me thinking. How many are there. Basically two types, builder supplied and third party supplied

Joysway the builder, supply the boat with a set  “A”made from rip stop nylon with the dragon painted in red and black. These are class legal because they are sold by the builder, no matter what size they are. Josway also sell a “B” set as well as a “C” set. These two, are made out of rip stop nylon and are white in color with no dragon or logo printed. These are class legal, no matter what the size and again,  because they are supplied by the builder. They also sell a replacement A sail both in painted  and unpainted rip stop nylon. and you guessed it are class legal. These are available through your distributor.  Not all distributors hold these as stock items.

In the designers wisdom they used a single panel main sail and jib. This allowed the armature sail maker, meaning you and I the opportunity to have a go at making our own sails. It also opened the market place to the professional sail makers who wanted to complete for your business.

I have recently made a” A” set for $10. Grant you I have all the tools, but with an investment  of $75 in tools a club or group could make all the sails they need to last them a lifetime, and that is using Mylar.

The sail plans of the A,B and C sets form part of the class rules and all third party sails must meet these measurements.

Now enter some confusion. The sails supplied on a recent released RG65 by Hobby King, the Affinity, do not comply to the measurements of the DF65 Restricted Class.  They comply to the RG65 Class Rules.

You may be able to modify them but the sets I have seen have shorter luffs and foots and longer leeches.

No one can deny that the DF65 has been a huge success due to many reasons, of which the Class Rules is one.

If you choose to use sails that do not comply, your are simply sailing your DF65 as a RG65, that’s all. Your club can record your results accordingly.

Some photos of stock,replacement,Affinity and third party sails.



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