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Number 1

This was emailed to all members of the Yahoo Group for the DF95. There will some duplication at this early stage as we get around the formation of a Class Association, if required or needed. Apologies for that.

The WA contact has changed already. It is now  Rod Popham and his email is rod@sailprizes.com.

DF95 Australian Newsletter August 2016

Welcome to the DF95 newsletter. An informal Association has been formed to promote the Class consisting of a Rep from each State which has boats Registered. The intention is to publish the newsletter whenever there is new or important info concerning the Class. Items for inclusion, requests for info, etc. should be sent to df95aus@gmail.com . Boats can be registered at: au.groups.yahoo.com/df95aus, or  df95aus@gmail.com

Useful Links:    www.dfracing.world   This site contains the Class Rules, drawings for constructing the other allowable rigs and templates for the sail numbers, National letters and the Class logo.

State Class Contacts

Tas:                 Kyle Stewart.              kylet@iprimus.com.au

Vic:                 John Toner.                 aus3488@yahoo.com.au

NSW:              Paul Martin.                pbob22@gmail.com

Qld:                 Garry Russell.             garryrussell51@gmail.com

WA:                Mark Shepherd.          markshepherd888@gmail.com


This is a list of clubs where we know that the DF95 is currently been sailed.

There are many more and we would like to know about them. Please send your details to df95australia@gmail and the club list will be updated.


Risdon Brook RYC, Lauderdale Canal, North West RYC, Launceston RYC and soon at STRYC at Franklin in the Huon Valley.


Patterson Lakes RMYC, Lilydale Lake and Tom Crusoe RC Sailing in Bendigo who sail a variety of classes and currently have 8 DF95s in the group.  Contact Mal Fields at crusoemal@gmail.com


Forster RCYC,


Wanderers RSC has adopted the DF95 as it’s second One Design Class.


No news or contacts yet.



Boat Register:  To date 50 owners have registered their boats.  The highest registered hull number issued by HWH is 241 which leads to the question of how many boats were sold in Australia and where are they?  I know for a fact that there is one Victorian club with 11 boats with only one of those registered. So all you registered owners please encourage those you know who have not registered to register. There will be a number of purchasers who bought the boat just to sail it for the enjoyment of sailing a really fast and easy to sail boat.  Who knows some of them may eventually get the itch to see just how fast and get racing.  Some of this newsletter’s content will be published in the HWH update to it’s customers so maybe some of the casual sailors will contact their state Rep.

Racing Calendar: There is ongoing discussion among the Class Reps regarding the timing of regattas.  Tasmania is keen for a National Invitation regatta early in 2018 but others would prefer an earlier one in 2017. To assist with planning of events all Registered Owners are invited to submit their ideas/preferences to their State Rep. Patterson Lakes RMYC have penciled in a One Day event for Saturday the 29th. October 2016 at the National Water Sports Center.  Whether or not  this event proceeds will depend on the numbers who enter.

Wind ranges for Rigs (approx.)

The table gives the approximate wind range for each Rig. Water state (waves) will modify the numbers.  The numbers were averaged from several sources.

Rig Wind.   knots Wind.  kms
A  0 – 12   0 – 22
B 11 – 17 20 – 31
C 15 – 21 27 – 38
D 21+ 38+
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