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  1. Can anyone explain why we have a nominated A & B fleet rather than the promotion system used by other NSWRYA classes.
    It would seem to me that a much fairer system would be to promote the first three or four boats from B fleet into A fleet and conversely the last three or four boats from A fleet move into B fleet. Currently it appears that you can nominate which fleet you want to compete in and this obviously leaves the door open to “loading” of the competition. Given that the DF 95 / 65 is a controlled class this would lead to better competition for all entered in events.


    1. Grant,

      There is no connection between the DF65 and DF95 in NSW.

      The DF95 is a sanctioned class in NSW. The DF65 is a recognised class in NSW and has an established National Owners Association.

      The DF95 Class has no formal structure, just a group of skippers trying to establish class racing for DF95 owners.

      Why does the DF95 Class in NSW use a Silver and Gold Fleet system of racing. Quite simply, that is what the majority of the owners wanted, both last season and this season.

      The split gives skippers of similar skill levels the opportunity to have close racing.

      The majority of those sailing in the Gold/Silver Fleet are quite happy with the split. I have heard of only one complaint about its use. Until such a time when the majority of owners want a change it will continue in its current form.

      This year there is a slight change in how the points score will be used to determine next years fleet split.

      Skippers electing to sail in a particular fleet will do for the complete season with promotion between the fleets at the end of the season. This will provide the basis for next seasons silver and bronze fleets.

      The Silver Fleet was always for the new skipper to RC Sailing with limited experience. in the initial stages there may be some loading but over time this will level out. A set of qualifying criteria is been developed for future fleet structure.

      Problems may arise when there are more than 20 boats in each fleet. A SHMS or MHMS may be used, where large numbers qualify for each fleet.

      Some of the other classes in NSW run Scratch and Handicap series but at this stage there is no demand from the owners of DF95s to follow suit.

      Maybe, Grant you would be part of the steering committee to develop the fleet quantification criteria

      Paul Martin
      DF 267


  2. Here is another complaint of the two independent fleets. I think it is unfair. I’m quite happy to move up and down from one fleet to the other. The bottom place getters of the top fleet end up being cannon fodder and making up the numbers. Moving to the lower fleet they have a chance of placing in the top three. So they move up etc and it rolls around again of course.


    1. Julian, this is what was asked for by the owners when the series was set up. If you want it changed discuss it with them at the next TT round in Foster-Tuncurry at the end of next month. Paul 267.


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